- By Srinivas Maddali -

Before you leap some Facts on Couchbase Cluster Design considerations

> RAM - depending upon the transactions and data accessed

> Number of Nodes - If you are able to deploy more nodes you are distributing the IO as also managing Node
failures become difficult when the are small in number but large nodes and if you have more smaller nodes
chances of node failures is great. Keeping these aspects into consideration decisions are to be taken.

> Client or server side moxi Couchbase prefers a client-side moxi(a smart client)

> Number of Cores - Couchbase is more memory or IO intensive. So 2 core are enough per server/node

> Storage Type – SSD reduces IO latency. Random Access of rotating disks can be used

> WAN Deployments – Couchbase is NOT intended to have clusters or clients span over DCs. If you require
you need to use XDCR.

> Shared Storage (NAS or SAN) is to be avoided. They present a single bottleneck or point of failure that limits
the distributed nature of Couchbase.

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