Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) GoldenGate Hub

To achieve the highest levels of availability, resulting in zero or near-zero downtime for both unplanned outages and planned maintenance activities, customers frequently use the combination of Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC), Oracle Active Data Guard, and Oracle GoldenGate. Traditionally, Oracle GoldenGate is installed and run locally on the database server that the GoldenGate processes connect.

When used with Oracle Grid Infrastructure Standalone Agent (XAG), Oracle GoldenGate processes can be configured to seamlessly relocate or fail over between Oracle RAC nodes and follow Oracle Active Data Guard switchover and failovers.

Using Oracle GoldenGate in a hub configuration moves the GoldenGate software and processes off of the database server, and places them on a separate server located close on the network to the target database. Connectivity between the GoldenGate processes and the databases they operate against is managed with Oracle Net Services.

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