Oracle Database Migration with an Oracle GoldenGate Hub Configuration

This Oracle GoldeGate Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) migration solution provides step-bystep instructions to set up and migrate any 11g Release 2 and later Oracle database, from any system platform (e.g. AIX, HP UX, Linux), from a single tenant to a multitenant architecture, or from a database not using Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) to a TDE database.

These same MAA best practices are generally applicable while migrating between on-premises or cloud source and target database systems, although cloud-specific details will be outlined in a separate paper.

This MAA solution uses a new Oracle GoldenGate Hub solution that delivers the following advantages:

  • Minimal to zero downtime
  • Cross database versions support
  • Cross platform support
  • Single tenant or multitenant agnostic
  • Reduced Oracle GoldenGate resource impact on the source and target database systems
  • The Oracle GoldenGate Hub architecture can be used for multiple Oracle Database migrations.


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