Oracle GoldenGate Performance Best Practices

The strategic integration of Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) best practices (Exadata MAA) provides the best and most comprehensive Oracle Database availability solution. Oracle GoldenGate is a key component of MAA, providing a logical replication solution for fast platform migration and a near zero downtime solution for application and database upgrades. It complements the rest of Oracle’s MAA solution that tolerates failures and enables online maintenance and rolling upgrade through Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC), Oracle Automatic Storage Management (Oracle ASM), and Oracle Active Data Guard.

This white paper describes best practices for configuring Oracle GoldenGate for the best performance, simple manageability, and stability for Oracle databases. Non-Oracle databases are not covered in this paper.

Refer to “Oracle GoldenGate with Oracle Real Application Clusters Configuration” MAA white paper at the link below for the initial configuration of Oracle GoldenGate, including installation, Oracle Database File System (DBFS) configuration for shared Oracle GoldenGate files, and Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) services configuration.

Oracle Software

Use Oracle GoldenGate Release 12.2.0 or later to take advantage of increased functionality and enhanced performance features.

Starting with Oracle GoldenGate Release 12.1.2, Replicat can operate in integrated mode for improved scalability within Oracle target environments. The apply processing functionality within the Oracle database is leveraged to automatically handle referential integrity and data description language (DDL) so that the operations are applied in the correct order.

Extract can also be used in integrated capture mode with an Oracle database, introduced with Oracle GoldenGate Release 11.2.1. Extract integrates with an Oracle database log mining server to receive change data from the database in the form of logical change records (LCRs). Extract can be configured to capture from a local or downstream mining database. Because integrated capture mode is fully integrated with the database, no additional setup is required to work with Oracle RAC, Oracle ASM, Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), and data compression, which greatly simplifies setup without sacrificing performance.

The latest release of Oracle GoldenGate can be downloaded from My Oracle Support, Patches and Updates.

It is recommended that you use at minimum Oracle Database 11g Release 2 ( to take advantage of both integrated Extract and integrated Replicat GoldenGate features. Refer to Latest GoldenGate/Database (OGG/RDBMS) Patch recommendations (Doc ID 2193391.1).


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