Backup And Recovery

Purpose of Backup and Recovery

1. Oracle Backup and Recovery Solutions

Purpose of Backup and Recovery:

As a backup administrator, your principal duty is to devise, implement, and manage a backup and recovery strategy. In general, the purpose of a backup and recovery strategy is to protect the database against data loss and reconstruct the database after data loss. Typically, backup administration tasks include the following:

1. Planning and testing responses to different kinds of failures
2. Configuring the database environment for backup and recovery
3. Setting up a backup schedule
4. Monitoring the backup and recovery environment
5. Troubleshooting backup problems
6. Recovering from data loss if the need arises

As a backup administrator, you may also be asked to perform other duties that are related to backup and recovery:

a. Data archival, which involves creating a database copy for long-term storage
b. Data transfer, which involves moving data from one database or one host to another

2. Oracle Flashback Technology

3. Data Recovery Advisor
4. RMAN and Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control
5. Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance
6. Backup and Recovery Documentation Roadmap