Oracle Installation and Database Development On UNIX and Windows Platforms - A comparison


Windows NT/2000/XP

On UNIX, several files and scripts in different directories are used to start an instance automatically. Other scripts are run on computer shutdown, allowing applications such as Oracle to shut down cleanly

For automatic startup on Windows, set registry parameter ORA_SID_AUTOSTART to true using an Oracle tool such as ORADIM.For automatic shutdown on Windows, set registry parameters ORA_SHUTDOWN and ORA_SID_SHUTDOWN to stop the relevant OracleServiceSID and shut down. Set registry parameter ORA_SID_SHUTDOWNTYPE to control shutdown mode (default is i, or immediate).

UNIX provides sophisticated control mechanisms for background processing and batch jobs. CRON, at, nohup etc are used

For similar functionality on Windows, use the AT command. Add Task Utility is used to schedule jobs. There are lots of GUI tools also

On UNIX, utilities such as sar and vmstat are used to monitor Oracle background and shadow processes. These utilities are not integrated with Oracle.

Performance utilities available on Windows include Oracle Performance Monitor, Task Manager, Control Panel, Event Viewer, User Manager, and Microsoft Management Console (included only with Windows 2000).Oracle is integrated with several of these tools.