Srinivas Maddali

I migrated to the USA to find a better future for my family. I have been Oracle DBA for the past 22 years in the USA. Before I migrated to the USA, I worked for the Union Bank of India in many places for 20+ years.

I wish, I share my knowledge with everyone that is thirsty of the knowledge to maintain and manage RDBMS.

While Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server are Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS), I understand PostgreSQL is an Object-Oriented Relational Database Management System with a deferent kind of version management system.

After the Social Media Management systems such as Mongo, Couchbase, Cassandra, Hadoop, Hive, etc., are grown after HW has been treated commodity HW and instead of High-Power Servers, the data is distributed over clustered commodity HW. when the data is sorted out from the haystack of social media data the data goes into RDBMS or OORDBMS and the data is analyzed and used for the business development.

The current DBA cannot claim of Oracle like one RDBMS. He needs to have multiple skills.

I owe my knowledge to Tom Kyte, Dyke Julian, Steve, Rama Viipuri, Jonathan Lewis and many. I owe them my quest for knowledge. This site is for such who have quest for unlimited knowledge.

I am still a student of that knowledge.